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Shoulders Stuck

If the head comes out, but the rest of the body will not come, reposition the mother flat on her back. Put a pillow or two under her bottom.  Have two team members help the mother pull her legs up to her chest and out to give more room. Have another team member apply downward pressure above the pubic bone.  Have the mother push while you guide the head down to dislodge the upper shoulder.  If the baby does not come out, place all of the fingers of one of your hands on the baby’s chest and all of the fingers of your other hand on the baby’s back. Now, exert pressure rotating the shoulders.  Have the mother push as a shoulder starts to release. If the baby does not come out, try the same twisting motion with the mother on her hands and knees.  If that fails, then do the same thing with the mother on her side, with her top leg being held up. You can go in and check to find a hand or arm to pull out.  Make sure that you do not exert pressure directly in the baby’s arm pit, because that can cause damage to the nerves.   Have the mother get up and walk around to bring the baby down a little further. Start all over again with the first position.

Shoulders stuck in labor

What You Will Learn


The information herein is not intended to take the place of a competent midwife or physician. Nor does it imply that the mother should deliver without a midwife or other medical help. It is intended to assist in the event of an actual emergency situation, which could occur at any time and place — during a blackout, a natural disaster, a nuclear fallout, a snowstorm, a vehicle failure, an economic collapse, or simply when the baby is coming too quickly.


The limited scope of this mini guide does not allow detailed instructions on the myriad of potential complications that could arise during the birthing process. Rather, it focuses on how to handle the most common issues in a “normal” birth. While these instructions are written for emergency childbirth in a home setting, they can easily be adapted to any location or circumstance, be it a tent in the wilderness, a parked car on the highway, or the break room of a grocery store.

Full Textbook Coming


Instructions for assembling a traveling childbirth kit, selecting emergency birth team, and assigning jobs.

Birth area setup

How to prepare the birth area, as well as instructions for preparing a bedroom, and what prep can be done if you have a kitchen and a bathroom.


Pushing, including methods of providing relief.


Instructions on checking for the cord, what to do if the cord is around the neck, if the cord is tight, as well as what to do if the shoulders are stuck, among other possible issues.

After Delivery

Welcoming the baby and suctioning. As well as dealing with the placenta and with mother bleeding.

Newborn CPR

Basic newborn CPR instructions.

in 2015!

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In 2013, Little Mountain Publications, LLC published Dianne Bjarnson's Emergency Childbirth Mini Guide.  Sunstone is now offering this 18 page, fully illustrated booklet in PDF file format as a downloadable.  In the book, Dianne goes through common birthing scenarios in an emergency (unplanned) environment (at home, in this instance).  She delineates the birthing supplies that need to be gathered, the preparation of instruments that will be used (sterilization, etc.), the various assignments that attendants need to be responsible for, various tinctures and teas that are useful in the laboring and delivery process, and a host of other important activities surrounding the birth.  Dianne also discusses briefly how to handle common problems such as shoulder dystotia, hemorrhaging, infant resuscitation, etc.



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